A Unique Selling Point For the Oppo Ecosystem – The Oppo F19


Oppo F19 is a new smartphone by the Oppo Company in India. The Oppo F19 is an affordable smartphone that gives users value for their money. It comes loaded with features that are useful to the consumer. One of these features is an integrated barcode scanner. Oppo F19

Oppo F19 was initially launched in India on April last, sans the keyboard. With the keyboard being removed the device became a lot lighter and easy to use. For the color choices, the Oppo F19 comes in either vivid colors like lime green or icy blue. The handset is available in various color combinations including grey, white, black, pink and blue.

The main camera of the Oppo F19 is a 12.2 Mega Pixels camera with an aspect ratio of 5.5 inches. This makes it ideal for taking high quality pictures. In the auto mode, the handset allows users to customize the focal point. This feature makes it suitable for taking pictures of action-packed situations. However, in normal mode, users can choose from the natural focus, portrait mode, landscape mode and free camera.

Another great feature of the Oppo F19 is its built in battery. Users can conveniently charge the battery while they are on the go. This is possible since the handset has a micro SD slot. Users can enjoy their videos or photos for hours even without using the built in battery. The realmee Plus variant of the Oppo F19 pro comes with a bigger battery. The extra battery helps users save on talk time when they are on a busy network.

The Oppo F19 gives users the option to manage their images in different ways. They can easily change the exposure and color balance using the customizable white balance dial. Furthermore, users can preview images in different resolutions by accessing the advanced setting called advanced gallery. This gives users the chance to check out the quality of the images they intend to use in their advertisements. This makes it easier for them to determine the appropriate advertising image sizes for their ads and download them directly from the mobile phone’s internal memory.

The Oppo F19 offers a unique selling point because it offers unique features that other smartphones cannot offer. This handset comes with a unique dual camera setup. The primary camera is capable of shooting in M mode and takes great photographs. The rear camera has an aperture mode, which helps reduce blurring in images taken in low light conditions.